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Capricoin About Capricoin

Capricoin(CPC) is one of the most versatile cryptocurrency, which follows new trends in business influenced by the modern digital era. When traditional money and monetary transactions are unable to meet user demands for speed, reliability, or anonymity, Capricoin is there to be an option. Capricoin is designed to be the most versatile cryptocurrency for the broadest possible use.

Capricoin has been developed as a collaboration between a group of technology companies in Europe and the USA. Part of our marketing strategy is to ensure that we distribute the coin as widely as possible. This makes it truly a coin for the people. Capricoin is not a single entity and anyone can become a part of the movement.

Capricoin Technology

CPC achieves its consensus through the proof of stake (PoS) algorithm which was designed and first implemented in Peercoin. PoS is much more eco-friendly than other alternatives since it doesn’t require mining. There are no energy wasting operations required to secure the network! Stakeholders can use their own computers instead of buying special mining rigs available to a privileged few.

CapriCoin aims to resolve the issue of energy expenditure by pre-generating all the coins that will ever be used on the network. All future transactions can be done on equipment with low computational capabilities, the kind used in daily commerce (cell phones, POS terminals, ATM machines, etc.).

CPC blockchain uses the standard UTXO transaction model. There is no registration required as there are no accounts to be registered on the blockchain. Anybody capable of generating a private/public key-pair can receive CapriCoins. Transactions are signed using asymmetric cryptography based on secp256k1 elliptic curve.

What can you use it for?

The strength of Capricoin lies in its scalability through different APIs. It is usable for third parties and provides manifold services which are coverable by Capricoin transfers. Capricoin as a new business model is qualified to become a cryptocurrency for the mainstream.


CapriCoin is a multi-functional cryptocurrency using blockchain technology for fast and anonymous transactions without any intermediary interference and charges is predestined for remittance services. API / Remittance interface of CPC is proposed to provide third parties a common, user friendly, and all-in-one integrated solution for sending cryptocurrency and change it for fiat money (if necessary) via crypto exchanges like PEAK and others.


Gaming is a popular leisure-time activity that is covered by the CPC API. The CPC gaming platform stands as a gateway into the world of gaming. CPC can be used a social token for in-game purchases or gaming services. Hence the CPC holders will have the opportunity to improve their game experience by using CPC.


The Capricoin API / trading interface is designed to serve third parties, providing trading operations with cryptocurrencies. The aim of Capricoin as a digital assets is to be used by the broad crypto community. Therefore we have developed a very user-friendly desktop wallet as well as cell phone wallet for easy access to crypto exchanges to trade CPCs.


Auction interface as another Capricoin business platform is focused on services connected that use the ever-growing bidding design. CPC API / Auction interface is designed to offer services based on our blockchain platform to many auction based service offerings. You can use CPC on Colibri Auction, where you can place bids for various luxury products.

You can buy CPC on our exchange market The Peak. Click here to visit the page and buy your first CPC!

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